Arianna Ettel


License # 807463

Meet Arianna

Born in the vibrant and strange city of Las Vegas, NV, I've had the privilege of experiencing the unique blend of desert charm and the neon lights of the Strip. I spent my childhood moving back and forth between Las Vegas and the beautiful desert landscapes of Tucson, AZ. These two contrasting worlds have played a significant role in shaping my perspective and have eventually led me to my current home in Houston, Texas.

While my real estate journey began recently, my passion for this field goes back much further. My interest in real estate ignited when I was a curious 7-year-old tagging along with my dad and stepmom on home-hunting adventures. Each house we visited filled me with the same excitement a child feels on their birthday or Christmas morning. As I grew into adulthood, I realized that many of the people I admire and aspire to emulate found their success through real estate, whether as investors or REALTORS®. The idea of helping individuals with one of the most significant decisions of their lives resonated deeply with me, especially those who believed homeownership was a distant dream.

Before embarking on my real estate career, I took a different path, serving in the United States Navy. I joined the Navy at 17 straight out of high school, “celebrated” my 18th birthday in boot camp, and spent a couple of years stationed on the USS George H. W. Bush in Norfolk, VA. Following my military service, I transitioned into a management role with a prominent car wash chain in Carbondale, IL. Between the military and management, I learned valuable lessons in structure, communication, honesty, and leadership, which have since become pillars of my professional approach.

What I cherish most about my career in real estate is the opportunity to build genuine relationships with like-minded individuals. I'm passionate about guiding people through the crucial journey of finding their perfect home—a place where they'll create cherished memories and start new chapters of their lives. It's immensely gratifying to make the dream of homeownership a reality for those who once thought it was out of reach. What's truly remarkable about real estate is its boundless potential, which keeps me inspired every day.

I'm proud to be a member of The Chuck Miller Houston Real Estate Group, a dedicated team that shares my commitment to excellence. My expertise spans buying, selling, and leasing, and I'm here to serve your real estate needs in any capacity.

In my free time, you'll find me in my element, whether I'm lifting weights, playing with my dogs, or enjoying the beautiful outdoors. I have a deep love for camping, spending all day long at the beach, hiking, and basically anything that involves being outside. I can have the best time ever just sitting on the ground outside with good people.

So, if you're looking for a REALTOR® who's not just about buying and selling houses but about creating meaningful connections and making dreams come true, I'm here to help. Let's make your real estate journey a memorable one together.